Terms and Conditions

Anyone visiting www.dollarbuynow.com (“the user”) shall consent to the following terms and conditions which describe the user’s rights and obligations when using these services. The user should read them carefully and be sure that he/she understands and agrees with the following terms and conditions:

1. Dollarbuynow renders the services of an exchange of electronic payment systems units (“digital currencies”, “e-currencies”) between different payment systems.
2. We do not support any gambling or betting. In that case, if you prove it, your transaction will be blocked and legal action will be taken.
3. Don't rush while ordering and don't knock the admin repeatedly to complete the order keep in mind it is very sensitive one thing is very likely to go wrong. Any mistake in your transaction is your responsibility. So be careful.
4. Do not make any spam transactions. If we see something like this, your account will be blocked immediately.
5. If you are a fraudster and if we have proof of it then we will block your transaction and if necessary we will take legal help so beware of it.
6. Refrain from doing business by copying our company name. We will take 100% legal action if we get something like this.
7. Refrain from false advertising in the name of our company. We will take 100% legal action if we get something like this. So beware of it.
8. Refrain from scamming anyone using our name on social media or any other medium. We will definitely take 100% legal action if we get something like this. So beware of it. We do not transact through any medium other than the website. As per all the above information all our customers are requested to help one and a half.

9. Also, don't do any illegal work by using us because the dollar or money given to us is not for any illegal and bad work. All your records (talking in live chat, call records, IP address) will be stored on our official server, Bangladesh government or we are obliged to provide it for any legal action.

10. Money or dollars must be sent and received from your own account or number. If you send money or dollars from someone else's account or number, the remaining money or dollars will be returned after deducting our service charge and sending fee and your ID will be banned without notice.


The User hereby confirms that he/she has read, understands and agrees with the present Terms and Conditions, and declares that he/she is aware of the nature and scope of his/her rights and the risks assumed under these Terms and conditions.